Dreamers & Doers is the brainchild of Janika Vaikjärv, the original founder of the Ladies Trekking Club.

The book is the first of it's kind to bring together the inspirational stories of women who have climbed Kilimanjaro. Over 50 women across 30 nationalities contributed their amazing stories to the book.

Dreamers & Doers aims to inspire women around the world to DREAM bigger and to DO the necessary steps to fulfill their dreams.

But there is a bigger social message behind the book in that it aims to draw attention to equal opportunities for education. Every purchase of the “Dreamers & Doers” hardcopy book supports one Tanzanian schoolchild with a school textbook.


Dreamers & Doers

A collection of inspirational stories, life-changing moments and acts of kindness

Author of Concepts: Janika Vaikjärv | Editor: Erla Frank Zwingle

Photos in the book by: Karen Kasmauski , Nadia Marquard Otzen and Dianna Snape. First Published:September 2013

Available on: Amazon Kindle ($9.60) | Itunes ($9.99) | Kobo Books (£8.00)

Also available in a limited edition hardcopy, ideal for coffee tables (21 x 25 cm letter pressed). 288 pages of high quality excellent photos and stories of life changing moments. The cost of the hardcopy book is €45.00 (including international shipping). When you buy a hardcopy book Janika purchases a textbook for a Tanzanian pupil.

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All book sales are managed personally by Janika Vaikjärv (she can be reached at [email protected]).

"The idea of Dreamers & Doers was born a few years ago. My Kilimanjaro guide who was very old, too old for hard work, told me about his life. He worked as a mountain guide only to support his children and grandchildren. Without his support, they could not afford any education. This little story of an old mountain guide was the beginning of a great deed. A book and a school textbook. Women and Kilimanjaro. Children and education. Education leads to better opportunities for a decent livelihood and economic independence. It enhances personal confidence and well-being.“

Janika Vaikjärv Original Founder of LTC

Extracts from the book ...

"Twenty years ago, it was never my goal or intention to see the world from high on a mountain. I certainly did not aspire to climb the Seven Summits, which I completed two years after climbing Everest. Now I think back and wonder, “What did I really want?”“

Megan Delehanty American Climbed all Seven Summits

"Two years ago on 4th July 2011, after one too many power cuts and a lot of spare time to think up crazy ideas, I decided to attempt to break the current women’s world record of 13 hours and 16 minutes for the fastest ascent of Kilimanjaro. Almost every six months there are men breaking records on Kilimanjaro, but I never heard of women trying.“

Debbie Bachmann Fastest Biritish Female Ascent of Kilimanjaro

“Keep an eye out for those stars. Find the work that is right for you, that gives you inner peace. Those stars, grand or tiny, come in all sizes.. You blink, you miss 'em. You catch 'em, they change the world for the better. And that gives everyone joy, including you. Yes, most of all that gives you joy.”

Tess Burrows British Mountaineer and Explorer